‘Created with 5SRW Method’ What does it really mean?

Lesson by Ciro Sannino | Official 5SRW study material

When I started working on 5SRW, there weren’t methods to learn,

actually, until 4-5 years ago, the idea to study “a method” did not exist. Of course each artist had/have his own way to work, but this is totally different to having a well structured method to learn and to use in production.



I’m passionate of Photography/Lighting and I’m graduated in Process Design. In my beginning I also suffered a lot working with V-Ray randomly but thanks to my studies I was totally persuaded that creating a ‘process’ was possible and today this is reality, a lot of people are studying it, there are universities teaching 5SRW and – the most important thing – many users improved a lot their results, their position in companies and of course their earnings.

5SRW | “5-Step render Workflow” – the first academic method – created a new category so it’s important to understand what makes 5SRW unique.

The 5SRW helps users to develop a render as it were a project,
structuring the process in 5 defined steps:

  1. Framing
  2. Light Balance
  3. Materials
  4. Final Render
  5. Post Production



Of course these points aren’t new, they couldn’t be!
The uniqueness of 5SRW is that each step is faced exclusively using photographic concepts
We master the complexity of V-Ray using the photography

That makes the method simple, reliable, independent from the V-Ray version,
and we indubitably got amazing results –> CHECK OUR 5SRW GALLERY



When you read “Created with 5SRW Method” this doesn’t mean that the user just followed the 5 steps.
This is very superficial.

* The user – step by step – have been working applying photographic concepts & techniques
* The user doesn’t work randomly, he’s aware of the entire process
* This implies that he will be able the reproduce the same results in different scenes
* This implies that his experience will grow faster and structured, making him more effective

More and more companies are adopting 5SRW, are asking us to recommend them guys with a good portfolio and able to work in 5SRW.

Our goal with 5SRW is bringing the photographic culture into the render process
to educate users becoming real photographers of a 3d world

I hope you really enjoyed this article!
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