Traslucency problems. Are you sure?

Lesson by Ciro Sannino | Official 5SRW study material

Recently, Fabrice and me discussed in the “5SRW Exclusive Group” about his last work that is about an interior of a kitchen with V-Ray.

Along this article I want to move your attention from apparent  to real problems.
This was the starting scene:


Ususlly users immediately think: “Ohhh I need better V-Ray traslucent Material!!!”

I agree, but at the same time I see a bigger problem beyond, which is related to the light balance. Most of times this is not easy to recognize simply because it is about not V-Ray. When you use backgrounds V-Ray can’t help you with any automatic setting so finding the right balance between interior and exterior (background) is totally up to us.

The only way to professionally handle your works in this way is thinking as a real photographer! This way to anaylize and solve problems with V-Ray is the crucial point of our OnLine Curse.


LIGHTING PROBLEM#1: too much lights

The previous image contains a light conflict: background suggests a light coming from the outdoor, but in the scene we have a light coming from left. I don’t need to check the 3ds max files or V-Ray setting, I can “read” this through the image.

An artificial light is posed behind-left the camera, flatting the result / ON THE LEFT – Conflict

Just remove this additional light, and the scene changes drammatically:
Look how the light now is perfectly modelling every object / ON THE RIGHT – OK


Now the light inside is consistent with the idea that it is coming from the exterior!
Much better 🙂


LIGHTING PROBLEM #2: lights in background is not consistent with light “through” the curtains.
Just do a test: remove the background and put a pure white behind:


Still convinced that curtain traslucency is “the” problem?

We can improve the curtain shader of course, but this little experiment tells me that I need a white sky behind, to get a consistent result. This is the main point!

“White sky” means that the sky is overexposed, which is normal considering the huge differences in terms of quantity of light between interior/exterior.


This one could be a good background. Minimal and beautiful:


Note: Anyway this is not perfect, becasue light direction is not the same we have in the render. But it is hard to see, so it works anyway.



Just “remodelling” the lighting and background, the render has improved so much:

Render by Fabrice Mocquard / Learnvray member


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