The Family / Giovanni Caloi


Being one of the men in gallery was a dream... but two times in a raw, it's amazing. When I'm looking to some beautiful renders, I always thought that there must be a dark trick, something only pros will know, something you will never know unless you start working for a big company. Photography is the answer. A 3d artist said to me: the more you practice away from your monitor with your camera, the most you will understand from your software. It's not about a numerical trick, or a magical setting: it's about your observation skills, your photography skills, your capabities to gain references and putting them in your project, to make a beautiful image. that's it. For sure, having technical skills is a must, but without understanding what's going on behind your monitor, it will just not work. Roberto Valenzuela said something i fully agree with and something hard to believe but it's true; he said: "Talent does not exist. Hard work does." 5SRW is a great and the best starting point if you want you to make a real path in 3d visualization.

Giovanni Caloi / Italy
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